About API rate limit


HI Fastly
I am very concern API rate limit , as we will have a lot of sub-customer
for API rate limit , it was said the number is 1000 per hour after scan your API doc for non-read action
is this 1000 number base on token or account ?
I mean if I create 2 personal token , each token have 1000 limit or them share 1000 limit
if each token have 1000 limit , 2 tokens should have totally 2000 limit for one hour , right ?
and another question is
could we open a ticket or submit some order to promote our rate limit ?


Hi @threen134! Thanks for reaching out!

The API limit is on a per user level. Therefore, even if you create two API tokens as a single user, you will run into the limit of 1000 requests per hour. However, you could create any number of fresh “bot” users on the account with their own API tokens in order to extend the limit.

If this is not enough and you have a genuine need, please write to support@fastly.com with an explanation of why you are reaching the limit, and our support team will be able to raise the limit to 2000.